Erva is


ERVA is a restaurant with a signature, affordable and delicious cuisine. We use fresh, organic and seasonal products from national producers. Our offers are inspired by contemporary portuguese cuisine. For lunch, quality is combined with an express service, to be experienced in 50 minutes… The city beckons outside with its historical treasures and irresistible charm. There is no time to lose! At dinner, the challenge is to savor the signature dishes, fresh fish from our coast and delicious meat that matures within the restaurant. A transversal, creative and contemporary menu. The pairing of wines, chosen by the sommelier, elevates the gastronomic experience to a special and memorable moment.


Inspired by the new energy of Lisbon, ERVA is located between Campolide and Bairro Azul, an invitation to explore the vibrant spirit of the city and its modernist and contemporary arteries. A restaurant whose door is side-by-side with the Corinthia Hotel, but open onto the street, with an independent entrance through the exterior.


Nature has come to stay: vines and vertical gardens line the walls; the wood heats and comforts the environment; the iron sustains and reinforces its vivacity. ERVA is real and natural with the environment and the experience it provides, a complement to its gastronomic philosophy, which offers a concept of simplicity where flavor is the protagonist.