ERVA offers unpretentious food without overly mixing ingredients. We do not want to camouflage the natural taste of food. ERVA is natural in this sense, as it doesn´t remove the natural essence of the product. At ERVA we privilege local products, authenticity and good food. The perfect shelter for talent and grit of new Portuguese cuisine.


In ERVA we do not only eat green. We defend the colors of an authentic and original cuisine. And everything is in sight, with the concept of an open kitchen, which provides a sense of closeness and reveals the notion of transparency that reflects ERVA cuisine. Nothing here exists by chance and everything is thought in detail. ERVA restaurant embraces Portugal and the world with a transversal and contemporary menu.


In ERVA music is inspiring, it takes us further, enriches us, rejoices us. We believe that gastronomy does not make sense without it. So every day, from 7 p.m., our resident DJ creates the perfect atmosphere and soundtrack for an unforgettable dinner. After 11 p.m. it’s time to party! Dim the lights and turn up the volume: hey Mr. DJ, put a record on, I wanna dance with my babe!

Erva is much more than a restaurant.

It is an experience!