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Cheila Queirós


Graduated in Restauration and Catering at the School of Tourism and Sea Technology, in Peniche, from early on her dream was to work in a kitchen: “I always loved to cook, but the market was not like today and I was gaining the taste for the service.” That’s how, even as a student, she began her internship in hotel chains in Lisbon, Funchal and Óbidos. Back in Lisbon, Cheila had her first experience in a restaurant, but it was the hotel business that appeals to her heart. Already in Corinthia Lisbon comes the opportunity to manage ERVA. Cheila did not hesitate. What most fascinates her in this area is that no day is the same: “The daily stress of organizing and running a restaurant is what most fascinates me. We have the opportunity to meet different people from all corners of the world. Best of all, we are always in their memory when we provide special moments”.

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Pedro Dias


For more than 20 years creating desserts, pastry chef Pedro Dias, winner of the Chocolatier Contest (2013) at the 11th International Chocolate Festival in Óbidos is the living proof that it is not enough to have a knack for it.
From beginning to end, each dish that appears on the table is the result of a team united in symbiosis. Pedro Dias wants to surprise those who sit at ERVA´s table by leaving a final remembrance to perpetuate their visit.