Carlos Gonçalves

Executive Chef


For 17 years his greatest inspiration has been portuguese cuisine. In this new project, the freshness and seasonality of food are the basis for a new contemporary approach to the essence of traditional cooking. Transparency in the confection and authenticity of ingredients are his trademark.

ERVA restaurant reflects all that. And more. Genuine flavors that offer a unique experience by the hands and creativity of Carlos Gonçalves.

Marta Ventura

Restaurant manager


Her career has been marked by 10 years of dedication to the art of cuisine. More than leading teams, Marta Pereira generates emotions, a true organization coach, which results in a rigorous but informal and graceful service.

Where ever she passed by, Marta has left her mark; she now embraces with all dedication and affection the ERVA restaurant team.

Nelson Antunes



What started out as a necessity, when he was 16 years old working at a local café, quickly became a passion. He sought further training and now wants to live and breathe cocktail mixing.

Now it is at ERVA´s Cocktail Bar where Nelson feels at home. And it is the city that welcomes his inspiration. Because, for Nelson Antunes, the cocktails he creates taste good, just like Lisbon.

Pedro Dias

Pastry chef


For more than 20 years creating desserts, pastry chef Pedro Dias, winner of the Chocolatier Contest (2013) at the 11th International Chocolate Festival in Óbidos is the living proof that it is not enough to have a knack for it.
Long accompanying chef Carlos Gonçalves, together they are an unbeatable team that proves that, from beginning to end, each dish that appears on the table is the result of a team united in symbiosis. Pedro Dias wants to surprise those who sit at ERVA´s table by leaving a final remembrance to perpetuate their visit.