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The Erva Art Corner is a small gallery inside Erva, where every three months a renowned artist is invited to show his work. Enjoy this unique experience as the perfect merge between Art and Gastronomy!



João Paramés was born in Lisbon in 1978. He attended the course of painting 1994-1995 at the National Society of fine Arts in Lisbon. In 2003 he graduated in painting at the Arts School of the University of Coimbra. His work is represented in several private and public collections, both national and international: Portuguese Parliament, Lisbon City Hall, Museum of the Portuguese Communication Foundation, Grão Vasco Museum, Ministry of Finance, Centro Galego de Lisboa, Casa do Artista , António Fragoso Association, Valormed, Siemens Portugal, Sparkasse (Germany – Warstein), Warstein Town Hall (Germany), Les Enfants Bleux (France – Paris), Barclays Bank Portugal and Galego Parliament (Spain). He has participated in several group exhibitions in Portugal, Germany and France. He produced many solo exhibitions in multiple portuguese cities, and in New York, Toronto and Warstein, Germany.

Text by Maria Melo


Stories hiding among fantastic compositions, Nameless characters, hybrid animals, hands and feet driven by music, or perhaps by the artist’s concealed desire to dance and play music, represented in a simplicity of form and an almost childlike process, invite us to step into the canvas and there recreate the circus of life. The carving of vivid, vibrant and pure colours in between silhouettes, in a process of deep commitment and passion, led his work to reach, through invisible precisionand a technique that sets it apart from drawing, a “place” in contemporary Portuguese painting. Have a funny feeling about clarifies the work of joão paramés from his elaborate simplicity and his adult journey through a World drawn by dreams, obstinate ways of drawing, created in his own tangible imagination, balanced by pure sensitivity.

Text by Maria Melo



Musician, photographer he was born in 1957 in torres vedras and his interest in photography and music began when he was thirteen. In 1980, he persued the career of professional musician, abandoning photography for a long period. In 1997, at forty, he returned to photography, and taught himself to shoot and print. In 2002, he purchased his first large format camera, which became his format of choice for landscape, nude, portrait and urban photography.

In 2004, he started teaching, giving many courses and workshops, in portugal and brazil. In 2005, american magazine black & white, widely regarded as the best international magazine of fine art photography, placed him among the best landscape photographers in the world. His work has been published in magazines and books in portugal, brazil, russia, the united states, as well as in various english technical books. He has participated in several exhibitions in portugal and brazil.

Text by Maria Melo


“What stays in the photograph are the invisible ties of what was …”.

Stories, gazes and figures are but depictions that come with the certainty that the intimacy with the photographer’s gaze will endure and create decisive instants, unique moments. In interaction with other arts, music being the most abstract of them all, nana sousa dias contextualizes a direct connection with the creative universe, sonorized through the accurate movements he captures, bringing to the surface a melancholic and sentimental expression that is so close to the musical composition. The black and white, symbolizing the fidelity to the analog photographic process, directs the observer towards a performance of urban and human fragments from a disguised musicality drawn from the simplicity of the human eye and of a saxophone in the photographer’s hand.

Text by Maria Melo


Born and lives in lisbon. School course of Decorative Arts António Arroio and Degree in painting at ESBAL. Scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian foundation in france for study and learning the tapestry. She was a resident teacher in the arts school António Arroio, and a member of the association international des Arts Alastiques (UNESCO). Representative of Portugal in the “8th International Tapestry” in Lodz (Poland). Exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Poland and Finland. Honorable mentions in Barcelona and Estoi. Bronze medals in Portimão and Estoril and 2nd prize Era Art Gdynia (Poland).


“The work of maria antónia santos reflects her inner silence while simultaneously gives form to her expression of beauty. The ease with which materials are applied, being gold the predominant texture, leads us to a place of warm feelings and to the values of love and free expression. These values linger and endure in the quality of her paintings. Her career flows through these themes.

Those which conduct her experience and artistic culture are thus imbued in the exhibition “about love”, that is now presented, serving as recognition of a convict value in the portuguese contemporary art scene.”

Text by Maria Melo